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Xchange Students by Argonaut57 (S)
In Harry Potter's Sixth Year, Headmaster Dumbledore accepts an invitation to...
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An Unforeseen Occurrence by aerynfire (B)
A waylaid train and a chance encounter sets in motion a series of events in...
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Sycophant Hex Web Hosting
It's that time of the year again. Hopefully it won't be like the last two years, where I've paid the webhosting bill and the...
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Most Recent
Trade-off by jessicadamien (L)
A one-shot sequel to "Dark Harbor", a film starring Alan Rickman, Norman Reedus...
A Touch of Frost by Yulara (S)
With trouble stirring in the East and Ecthelion ill, Denethor is weighed down...
Obadiah's Angel by Becky (W)
Obadiah Slope asks for a new assignment and receives a post in Acton.
The Guardian and the Goblin King by Overhill (C)
"Too Late!" The Guardian reaches the Goblin Village, and runs out of time...
Confessions of a Known Misogynist by jessicadamien (L)
The volume Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's readers never saw, in which Holmes' policy...
Under Pressure by star_girl (L)
Gene Hunt's Saturday goes from bad to worse when a mysterious death leads...
Heartbreak and Redemption – An Angel's Heart by jamies_lady (L)
Sometimes a life is best seen from a friend's perspective.Charlotta works as...
A Fallen Angel by Ludo13 (L)
 Emmett said that he'd never be able to hit the ball to the heavens...
Long Shadow of Xayaburi by Alison (C)
This story came about as a result of thoughts I had while researching the environmental...
Harry Potter and the Next Overlord by JLawrence Kenny (B)
After Harry blows up part of Little Whinging, he is collected by a band of Minions...
The Girl Who Stirred the Potion Master’s Cauldron by chrmisha (W)
What would have happened if the man that Lisbeth Salandar propositioned in “The...
Remembrance by BuffyHarryLuvr (B)
An alternate universe where Oz never left the show (Buffy, Season 4) and Doyle...
Andy Sachs and the Cleverly Worded Plot Device by Hayseed (B)
Andy has a secret.  A big secret.  The life-changing kind.  The...
Kill the Rabbit by HumanTales (S)
It wasn't the Rabbit of Caerbannog, so they'll probably survive the encounter.
Otherworldly Slices by septentrion (C)
Two fluffy drabbles in the Women of the Otherworld (Kelley Armstrong) series.
French Laundry by amethyst (C)
Battle of the Planets -- There is a problem with the laundry at Center Neptune.
Cooling Off by amethyst (B)
Battle of the Planets -- Jason finds a way to cool off during a heatwave.
Dealing with Wizards by Overhill (C)
A wizard from Hogwarts finds himself in a world where dragons talk.
Conjunction by Overhill (B)
Two Romanian vampires find a wizard in their Twilight universe.
The Women's Valentine by septentrion (S)
How do the women in Twilight spend Valentine’s Day? That’s the story...
The Snark And The Spark by septentrion (S)
Severus Snape turning down Edward Cullen's request leads to an unexpected collaboration...
You Sing To Me by septentrion (S)
Bella meets her singer, Hermione Granger. How much self-control does she have?...
Seducing Santa by septentrion (B)
Emmett and Rosalie, Christmas, a Santa's costume.
The Sacred Band of Cardiff by HumanTales (B)
Ianto has a question.
Jack's Room by HumanTales (C)
The TARDIS is telepathic. This can cause confusion.
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