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I've been writing HP fanfic for some time; now I decided to try my hand at other fandoms.
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This story came about as a result of thoughts I had while researching the environmental and economic effects of building the massive hydroelectric dam on the Mekong River. I was required to write an essay on it for my sociology class in university; but when I had done that, I found that I was inspired to write this, as well. It is the musing of a young girl who makes a living from the river, and her thoughts on the dam.

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Date: 06/18/2011 Title: Chapter 1: Chapter 1

Thanks for that, the first review!
I envisaged the narrator as living downstream from the dam, and the section of the river where they live being greatly reduced in it's outflow.
I'm not against dams per se, just the huge megadams which muck up the environment so badly. And those seem to be the ones that are getting built these days. The fish stocks, the farming, everything that depends on the river, tend to disappear or become greatly reduced. It's appalling.