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DragonLance/Potterverse Crossover. Post WoS, Post OOtP, AU for both. A band of young dragons and a single human escape the world of Krynn in face of persecution from both their kin and their gods for not joining the war effort. But have they gone from the frying pan and into the fire? Can they keep their vow to not intervene in the affairs of the Wizarding World, and instead watch their newfound friends suffer and die?
Categories: Cross Overs
Characters: Original Character
Genres: General
Warnings: Character Death
Series: None
Chapters: 5
Word count: 3226 - Hits: 3408
Complete?: No - Published: 11/29/2004 - Last Updated: 12/10/2004

1. The Freed Ones by LadySunflower [Reviews - 0] (3226 words)

2. Connections by LadySunflower [Reviews - 0] (3402 words)

3. Controversy by LadySunflower [Reviews - 0] (2560 words)

4. Passage by LadySunflower [Reviews - 0] (4523 words)

5. Exploration by LadySunflower [Reviews - 1] star star star star star (3866 words)