Harry Potter and the Next Overlord by JLawrence Kenny

After Harry blows up part of Little Whinging, he is collected by a band of Minions and taken back to the Netherworld, where he learns that he is to become the next Overlord. Will he succumb to the darkness? And if he does, will he Dominate or Destroy those who stand in his path?

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Story Notes:
This story will (likely) contain rather extreme violence, a corrupted Harry, a harem, and implied sexual acts.

1. Evil Always Finds A Way by JLawrence Kenny

Evil Always Finds A Way by JLawrence Kenny
Author's Notes:

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter, blah blah blah, J.K Rowling has no idea what romance is, blah, blah, I don't really care about this part, so just start reading already!

Chapter 1: Evil Always Finds A Way

Harry could already tell this summer was going to be horrible.

How did he know? Well, for starters, he hadn't even reached the second week of his vacation and he was currently pinned against an alley wall by his cousin Dudley's goons, about to be pummeled into oblivion. He was, quite literally, stuck between a rock and a hard place, and as such he was rather scared. However, he wasn't particularly frightened of these bullies; he had enough power to send them running for the hills if he so wanted, because Harry Potter was a wizard.

Piers, the bully currently holding Harry up, had long lost his skinny frame since joining Dudley's boxing team and was now a lean, mean, beating machine, though one could still see that he had once been as skinny as Harry was now by his long face and nose. "Well, well, Potter," Piers sneered, "Dudley happened to mention the other day that you were leaving for good this summer, so the boys and I figured we'd give you a going-away present." The other boys behind Piers, whose names Harry had never bothered to learn, sniggered at the lame joke.

"That was so nice of you, Piers. What'd you get me? Obviously, it couldn't be any courage, since none of you have any." Harry responded. Piers growled and pushed Harry harder against the wall, but Harry's only reaction was to sigh in exasperation. You might be wondering why, if Harry was a wizard, he didn't simply magic his way out of the situation? It was a rather simple reason: Harry was still underage in the wizarding world and therefore could not use magic without getting in trouble. While he was sure that as the savior of the Wizarding world the Ministry of Magic would be lenient in his punishment (if they gave him any), they would be sure to want a statement from Harry in support of the idiotic actions of Scrimgeour and Umbridge. Such was Harry's predicament: either save himself from these bullies and owe the Ministry an undeserved favor, or let the bullies beat him up and deny the Ministry any opportunities to use him.

Harry thought the latter option sounded much better in the long-term, but he also really didn't feel like getting beat up. As the bullies moved in closer to Harry, he started to grow angry at the whole predicament. It was ridiculous that he couldn't even defend himself despite being a month away from his 17th birthday and emancipation. The injustice of it all began to fill Harry's mind, blocking out the insults and threats the bullies kept directing at him. Had they bothered to pay closer attention to the boy in their grasp, Piers and his friends would have noticed a black haze beginning to form around his body.

It wasn't until the wall behind Harry cracked loudly that the others noticed anything out of the ordinary about the boy they were about to beat up. Aside from the black aura surrounding his body, the normally skinny boy seemed to grow a foot taller as well as significantly broader, and his once green eyes now glowed red with a malicious energy. Piers and his gang suddenly realized they had someplace else to be… anywhere but here. Before they could move more than a few steps toward the exit of the alleyway, Harry's anger literally exploded. A blast of pure magical energy erupted from his frame as he let out an anguished scream. The bullies and half the building in front of Harry were completely disintegrated.

Harry stood with his hands on his knees, panting heavily as he slowly calmed down. When he looked up, he seemed completely baffled at the scene of destruction that lay before him. How could he have done that? He knew one thing for sure though; he had to leave before anyone from the Ministry of Magic popped in to investigate.

Unfortunately, the adrenaline coursing through Harry's system was only enough to sustain him for three steps before magical exhaustion mercilessly stopped Harry in his tracks, who unceremoniously fell to the ground. Well, this sucks. That was the last thing Harry thought before slipping into a coma from the exhaustion. The last thing he saw was a creature that resembled a house-elf picking through the wreckage left by Harry's outburst, and the creature's raspy question of "Mastah?" being the last thing he heard…

After Harry fell asleep, the elf-like creature crept closer to the sleeping wizard, clearly afraid of another explosion like the last one. It carried a club, and was dressed in only a loincloth and ragged shirt. Sensing no immediate danger, it stood and yelled, "All clear!" over its back, revealing more elf-like creatures just like the first one, who quickly rushed to the fallen wizard, barking a rough chorus of "Mastah, mastah!" as they examined him. One more of these creatures approached at a much more leisurely pace; he was very old, if the hunched back, white hairs, and numerous scars were anything to go by, as well as the fact that when he spoke, it was in coherent sentences.

"Hmm, what have we here?" the old creature asked, mostly to himself since the others were busy picking up bits of rubble and attempting to either wear them as hats or knock each other with them. The old creature lifted one of Harry's arms then let it fall to the ground, disgusted. "A rather skinny frame with no real muscle of which to speak, but that can be easily remedied. Much more impressive was the blast of magic we just witnessed. Perhaps, just perhaps… either way, it is for the tower to make the final decision. Minions! Take the boy back to the Netherworld!"

The Minions, for that was what they were called, quickly obliged with a chorus of "Yes, Gnarl!" and picked up the unconscious boy with their scaly hands, carrying him to a giant gate that seemed to have appeared out of nowhere in the middle of the park nearby. Gnarl turned away from the Minions, again musing to himself. "Yes indeed, someone with a magical core as powerful as that could definitely be a suitable candidate for Overlordship. After all, Evil always finds a way."

End Notes:

Well, I guess I'll go with the typical "IF YOU READ IT, LEAVE ME A REVIEW!" ending to my chapter. Also, to all readers who actually know about the Overlord game, I'm thinking of adding a 5th minion Hive. Any ideas for colors and powers would be greatly appreciated. Until next time!

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