French Laundry by amethyst
Summary: Battle of the Planets -- There is a problem with the laundry at Center Neptune.
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A response to Green's "A Swan in Condor Colors" Challenge and

1. French Laundry by amethyst

French Laundry by amethyst
Author's Notes:
Disclaimer: Just borrowing everything. Most items will be returned with little to no wear; though I may keep Jason longer than the rest.
“Princess, why are you wearing my pants and Jason’s shirt?” Mark asked when he found her in the ready room dressed in the unusual ensemble.

Princess hemmed and hawed, stuttering an incomprehensible explanation.

Jason walked in grumbling, “The Chief’s got to do something about the laundry. They’ve lost another one of my shirts.” He paused and saw Princess. “Princess, why are you wearing my shirt?”

Again, her explanation was an unintelligible mix of mutters and something about laundry. Mark and Jason just looked at her.

Tiny and Keyop walked in. Tiny was wearing on old uniform that was clearly issued before he discovered space-burgers; Keyop was wearing what looked to have been one of Don Wade’s old uniforms rolled and cinched and pegged to fit but failed miserably. They each carried a tray with Pekin Duck and Steel-Cut Oat Sherbet.

Tiny saw the others. “Hey guys. You know that Frenchman they hired for the laundry doesn’t know much about washing clothes, but boy can he cook.”
End Notes:
Pekin Duck and Steel-Cut Oat Sherbet are borrowed directly from the menu of the French Laundry. A restaurant that I will never be able to afford to visit, but is less than two miles from where this story was written. The characters and setting belongs to Sandy Frank, a licensee of Tatsunoko Productions.
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