Reviews For The Miyatsu File
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Reviewer: Ramsay223 Signed [Report This]
Date: 05/12/2012 11:19 pm Title: Epilogue

A true love story!  I had read it once before I was able to give a review.  I enjoyed it greatly.  I hope you never doubt that you write well.  Because you do. 

Reviewer: Jormungandr Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 11/18/2008 01:06 am Title: Prologue and Chapter One - Bittersweet

                First review I’ve ever felt moved to write, so here goes nothing.

                I went from curiosity to incredulity at my own nerdiness as I found myself reading an honest to goodness pokemon fanfic. I still play the rpg games from time to time, but I consider all other offshoots and shows to be utter mindless pap excreted for the purpose of money-making. However, I remembered that I had liked the first movie, and Mewtwo seemed a cool enough character to base a story on. I read the premise and was intrigued; the concept of Mewtwo living life differently, in the company of caring humans instead of hateful, attracted me, as I’d always thought that his random and apparently permanent disappearance at the end of his movie was a waste of the best villain and most endearing character up until that point in the animation. I was ready to read an account of some alternate battles and maybe choke through some awkward “yiffy” bits if the story seemed worth it (just to clarify: nothin’ against anyone doing whatever they want just generally isn’t my thing).

                (Warning: very minor, early spoilers as I discuss one of the central themes)

What I got instead was not only “worth it”, it was far and away THE BEST BOOK I HAVE READ IN RECENT MEMORY. Not kidding. I nearly cried, I was riveted with suspense, and I felt the thrill of combat along with the series’ namesake. When the impossible romance between two extremely well developed characters, Mewtwo and his lifelong human friend Akai, began to bloom, I was astounded by the naturality of it all. I think I literally became more open-minded about love, relationships, and sex by reading this story. The author created a stunning tale of romance and devotion that is far more endearing than most depictions of human relationships. The sizzle and thrill of good romantic writing was not to be missed, and nowhere was it gratuitous or revolting. In short, I didn’t “choke through” anything; I enjoyed every line of this endearing and powerful tale.


                I notice that I have the honor of giving the first review, and I would REALLY encourage anyone who reads this to put aside any preconceptions they might have about any perceived nerdiness or queasiness about the subject matter and just READ THIS. You won’t be disappointed!

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