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Reviewer: veradee Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 11/30/2005 06:12 pm Title: Epilogue

If I were Holmes, I'd say that reading your story was rather enjoyable. Luckily I don't have to be so restrained and can say that I loved it. I think Holmes is very much in character. Actually he's so much in character that I would like to shake him sometimes. If I were Helen (whom I like very much), I would be very frustrated if I always would have to hear that spending time with me is "quite enjoyable" and "agreeable." I have to admit though that I don't know whether his sometimes insensitive behaviour is only due to his reserve or also to the fact that he is a Victorian. Guessing from the huge amount of researching you've obviously done on that time period, I assume it could be the latter. Anyway, I congratulate you on a splendid job.

Author's Response: Greetings and thank you most kindly for your genteel words. Okay enough of that! Thank you!!! And we are both so glad that you enjoyed the story. We had loads of fun writing it (though the dinner scene in the Lucifer Hunt was a right pain in the arse). As for Holmes's behaviour...well that's just Holmes, I'm afraid. The man had a tendency to be a bit rude on occasion as well as brilliantly polite. And I agree, if I was Helen, I'd smack him too. :D Oh boy did we do research! My co-writer gets most of the kudos for that. Again thank you, and we hope you enjoy the follow up stories as well. ~Aeryn

Reviewer: veradee Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 11/18/2005 05:38 pm Title: A Recipe for Disaster

I'm still waiting for the mystery plot, but nevertheless enjoy reading your story very much. I really had forgotten how quirky but intriguing Holmes is. I guess I'll have to look again at my Conan Doyle stories sometime in the future. I see that my review for your first story was a bit misleading. I didn't intend to imply that Holmes is gay in Conan Doyle's books. He is though in Billy Wilder's film "The Private Life of Sherlock Holmes", which is rather a parody than a faithful adaptation like the films with Jeremy Brett.

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! Yes, there is a mystery in this story. A three part one entitled The Lucifer should be coming to it shortly. :D ~Aeryn

Reviewer: Snegurochka Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 08/04/2005 02:45 pm Title: Dearly Beloved

He would miss his friend...and he would be lonely. Hoo-yeah! God, I LOVE snarky!Holmes here! He's the perfect calm to Watson's worry, and his eyerolling at the wedding is priceless. If Helen doesn't want him, can I have him? *thinks* Hmm. Except that Helen does want him, right? Sigh. OK. I like them together; very, very sweet. In a Holmesian sort of way, of course. :) ~Lee

Author's Response: Heh! I think all of us want him...snicker. Alas, as you noticed, Helen may...just may...have feelings for him. But yes, it was massive fun to do this wedding. Watson and Mary get very little presstime in fanfiction (either ignored, warped, or there's a hate thing going between Holmes and Mary), and we felt that this cannon couple really needed some good, positive development. They are really cute together actually, and we hope their wedding reflected this. And yes, Snarky!Holmes rocks. Thank you so much for the review, Lee! ~Aeryn

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Date: 08/04/2005 02:34 pm Title: The Lucifer Hunt - Part Three - 2

Bravo, dear authors! I have at long last had a chance to finish this part of your mystery, and the surprises kept coming right till the end. Phillip's speech to his father was marvellous, and the women banding together around Claire very sweet and touching. I still think Yeates's 'nocturnal activities' could have involved hunky stable boys, but no matter! The ending of the mystery has been perfectly crafted, and very satisfying. And I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed the telling interaction between Holmes and Helen; I see dear Watson has picked it up as well. Haha! Love it. Onwards! ~Lee

Author's Response: *Dances on return of Lee!* Welcome back, darling! And we're so glad you liked the mystery! Ah, Watson is a very perceptive man, isn't he? Heh...but not telling! :D Thank you so much for the review, and we look forward to hearing what you think of the rest of this story. *Hugs Lee* ~Aeryn

Reviewer: Snegurochka Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 07/16/2005 05:00 pm Title: The Lucifer Hunt - Part Three - 1

Ohhh, now I remember. I read this moons ago, and neglected to review! Gah. Since I am the only sorry sap in the world without HBP today, allow me to make up for this neglect of your wonderful tale! There is so much going on here, I can't keep up. It's been a delight to go back through this Lucifer Hunt arc so far and reacquaint myself with the characters and situation. I still love Holmes's powers of deduction, and Helen's grace and determination, and of course dear Watson, with his quiet expertise. I still supsect you aren't finished with the tricks up your sleeve yet, though, hmm? Onwards! I have questions that still need answering... ;-)

Author's Response: :) Ah, Lee you always put a smile on my face either with your stories or your reviews! What a nice thing to surface from the aforementioned HBP to see (Get thee to reading that though, will be interested to see where you take these developments!!) As for Lucifer Hunt and the fic overall, thank you so much and glad you're still enjoying it! ~ Lfire

Reviewer: Pauline Anonymous star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 07/03/2005 09:09 am Title: Whisper of the Garden - 2

What an amazing story. I really like the way you have characterised Holmes and Watson, and Watson's romance with Mary. Very touching. On its' own, The Lucifer Hunt was an exciting mystery. Helen is a wonderfully well rounded OC and I am looking forward to watching the romance develop. Thanks for the brilliant work

Author's Response: Thank you very much for your kind words! Watson and Mary never really get their due in fanfiction, so that was something we really felt needed for any romance between Holmes and Miss Helen...well, that remains to be seen.

The Lucifer Hunt was loads of fun to do, and we knew we wanted to do another mystery...even though The Forfeit Daughter gave my co-writer many a hyperventalation attack. We put a lot of time and research into this story, and I'm so glad it's paying off! Again thank you for your review. :D ~Aeryn

Reviewer: Snegurochka Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 05/19/2005 04:14 am Title: The Lucifer Hunt - Part Two - 2

Ohhh, I am glued to every word now, trying to figure out the mystery! Nice set up, and I love how Holmes (OMG I almost wrote 'Snape' there! *headdesk*) listens patiently to Watson and Helen's theories during the search, then calmly tells them why they are still a bit wrong. Ha! Since my guesses have been the same as theirs, I'm anxious to know exactly what's up! Poor Claire. I wouldn't have suspected she was involved after the last two chapters, but now of course it makes total sense. (Though perhaps it wouldn't be so bad if she were permitted to carry out her plan? *snickers*) No no, we don't want her going to jail. :) What else... oh, love Lady Margaret! And Helen being all devious and sleuthy instead of boringly aristocratic like she should be. Hee! Nice job, as always! Am anxious to see what happens next... ~Lee

Author's Response: Thank you so much, Lee! And LOL on the almost typo...heh! Yeah, Holmes doesn't hold back when someone is in error...and there are some rather funny examples in canon of it (though the one that pops to mind is The Solitary Cyclist. Nah, it wouldn't be a crying shame for some of those plans to pay off...however, I'm not telling! Heh heh. *glances in fear over shoulder for co-writer*

Ah Lady Margaret...of course you love her, Helen doesn't pick her friends willy nilly. And did any of us think Helen would be content to stay to the sidelines. Nah, she's definately a girl who likes to get her hands dirty. Best get a move on on that next chapter, huh... Thanks again! ~Aeryn

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Date: 05/18/2005 04:15 am Title: The Lucifer Hunt - Part Two - 1

Stop making Holmes so sexy, dammit! But really, a skilled but humble fencer? *fans self* I like the pacing of this Lucifer Hunt arc so far, with the introduction of the new characters and situation, and now this duel to really flesh out what sort of bastard George is. The dinner conversation and dynamics were really well done, so that the fluctuating allegiances in this crowd are really coming across nicely. I'm still dying to see what the hell Yeates has in his past, though! (And what Holmes has up his sleeve). Anxiously awaiting ch 6-2-2... :) ~Lee

Author's Response: LOL! Sorry, no can do on the stop making him sexy request. He does that all by himself I'm afraid, sneaky bastard gets inside your head and just comes out that way because of how he is. I mean honestly, canonically the man can fence AND gets to wear a dress suit!! What's an author to do except put it out there? I guess I could've had him strip off to the waist and box with George...*eyes glaze* As for Yeates's past...that's in the future! *snickers* Hints are Forbidden!! *gives extra glarey warning to co-author to put fear of god into her* ~ LFire

Author's Response: *Goes to open mouth, catches glare, and promptly shuts mouth again, before grumbling and pouting* Wait...did she just say boxing...*eyes widen* He does that in the canon too you know...heh, um, but with all clothes on. Hopefully 6-2-2 will be up today! Thank you again for the review, Lee! ~Aeryn

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Date: 05/17/2005 05:56 pm Title: The Lucifer Hunt - Part One

Oh, so much going on! This little arc is going to be a fic in itself, I see? *rubs hands together in anticipation* I'm immediately reminded of the film, "Gosford Park," with the crazy aristocrats gathering together amidst family intrigue and nefarious plotting, while the poor servants have their own bullshit to deal with… Very effective setting! Poor Helen – I really felt her embarrassment at having summoned Holmes and Watson so quickly, but she's marvellous and stands her ground, not letting Holmes's slight peevishness get to her. *nods approvingly*

And I am very intrigued by this family drama! You know what my guess is for dear Yeates's "past," of course. *snickers* No? Oh, well then I shall tell you: clearly his pre-marital nocturnal activities involved a fair quantity of naked men in his bed, am I right? Perhaps even young George himself? Um… please? No, really – all my slashy preferences aside, that really would be the most heinous of all secrets for this time period, right? (Well, any time period, really, but this one as well). Perhaps he's had affairs with loose women, or a hushed-up first marriage, but a real scandal would involve naked boys. :) Er- just my own, most humble opinion, as always. But you have definitely lured me in yet again! Look forward to the seeing how this plays out. (And seeing more of Phillip. He seems hot. And dashing.) :) ~Lee

Author's Response: It's a three part mystery arc...because we love to throw those in! Poor Helen...once again the victim of her own mouth, but yes, she is definately getting more confident in dealing with that grouchy detective. :D

You know...I wouldn't have never thought you would have thought that...heh. *snickers wildly* naked boys or men in his past...and if I were to tell you what it was...well, Mzz Lian would not be very kind to me...*looks over her shoulder in fear* Yes, back then any turns toward homosexuality would not only ruin you socially and financially, but you would be faced with a lengthy prison term. really did not want that getting out!

Yea!!! We lured Lee! And yes, there will be more Phillip! Now...on to next chapter! :D ~Aeryn

Reviewer: west dean Signed star star star half star [Report This]
Date: 05/07/2005 05:47 pm Title: Crossing Paths

The story continues - oh good! And I was most amused to see a fanfic. story set in my home town of St. Albans! So a slight correction (if I may) but the nearest pub to the Post Office in Victorian Times would have been the Bat and Ball although there were at least 30 others at that time in the town centre! There is a fine victorian house set in its own parkland about 15 minutes from the centre of town so I will imagine that as your setting!

Author's Response: Thank you for the heads up on that! And for taking the time to give us a shout on this, glad your still with us and happy the story is continuing! I think you can rest assured that we'll use the Bat and Ball as we will be returning to St.Albans again. We try to do as much research as we feasible on details like that, but it's hard to find specific details on the Victorian layout of towns like St.Albans so getting 'horses mouth' info is excellent. The house souds just right, imagine away! Hope to hear from you again!! -LFire

Author's Response: Thank you so much for the review! As my esteemed collegue beat me to the punch on the review, I just wanted to pop by and thank you as well. :D Yes, I kinda pulled the pub name out of my hat really (or out of that famous one in Boston), as I had zero clue of any actual pubs.

Lfire would also like me to say (as she is online now via messenger) to please forgive her for all spelling errors, as she attempted to respond at three in the morning...and was groggy from sleep deprevation. Heh...

Again thank you so much for the heads up, and we will most certainly be using this very kindly offered tidbit. ~Aeryn

Reviewer: Snegurochka Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 05/01/2005 09:36 am Title: A Recipe for Disaster

Ah yes, the couple that mixes explosives together, stays together. :) All right, I might give Holmes the benefit of the doubt, and his refusal to play by any sort of established social rules is a bit appealing, I will admit. But really, does he have to be such a bitch to poor Mrs Hudson? *shakes head sadly* Love the cocaine references; this makes him all the sexier, in my (perverted) opinion. And excellent chemistry research! I cannot verify it one whit, but I was suitably impressed nonetheless. Look! I'm caught up! *looks around* So, where's Chapter 5... ;-) ~Lee

Author's Response: ROFL! Thank you so much for the review, Lee! And I agree, poor Mrs. Hudson is rather long suffering...and I'm afraid it doesn't get any better over time. Charming one moment...a right ass the next.

Yes, Holmes has a cocaine addiction...he injects a 7% solution whenever bored or feels he's stagnating...much to Watson's chagrin.

Thank you on the chemistry research! I'll let Lian know...she is our Research Gal...complete with costume with funny emblem. :D So, I guess its fair to say that Holmes and Helen have...chemistry? *ducks flying rotten vegetables thrown for bad pun*

Chapter five is in edits, but since it's part of a three chapter arc, we aren't posting till we are satisfied its all perfect. Check mid to end of week. :) ~Aeryn

Reviewer: Snegurochka Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 04/30/2005 12:18 pm Title: God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen

*hugs Holmes tightly yet again* OMG he is such an arsehole! I was feeling a bit of pity and sympathy for him when he was hiding in the corner at the party, as I can completely commiserate with finding oneself at an unbearable gathering wanting only to tell everyone around you to sod it and go home… but can he not have a flipping civil conversation with poor Helen without insulting everything she likes/says/does? Jeez. I think she can do better. *calms down, keeps reading* Oh! All right, he has marginally redeemed himself. But he's still a bit of a prick. *grumbles*

New favourite line: "Plato...for all his immensely impressive logic sometimes spoke out of his hat." *dies* And - "It can calm and arouse, create fervour or introspection...all without a word...truly, dear lady, it has charms to do more than merely soothe the savage breast. So you know I do allow my brain its release...and ease." OK, this is like the sexiest passage ever. (Is it supposed to be 'breast' or 'beast'?? No matter - it's damn sexy either way!) Mmmm. Nice chapter! I remain undecided on the matter of Holmes/Helen. He really is damn suave and sexy, but really, why should she have to work so hard to impress him! Hrmph. He should be falling all over himself for her… ;-) ~Lee

Author's Response: LOLOLOLOL! Thank you so much for the review, Lee! Yes, Holmes can be quite the ass...but he's just blunt. He is not denigrating what she likes at all, he just does not have a use for anything that doesn't fit with his profession or logical mindset (See A Study in Scarlet). However, the fact he stuck around to have a long conversation with her is rather telling...

Yes...Plato is rather a bane on my existance...can't tell you how many classes I had where the professors worshiped him and I wanted to fall asleep or just get angry. Kudos, to Lfire for that line. :D As for the savage breast...that is an actual Shakespeare quote. We did orginally have beast, but Lfire looked it up and its actually breast. Go figure. :D

Ah, Holmes and Helen...well, right now no one is working to impress anyone. Holmes is bored and Helen just wants someone intelligent to talk to...should make for an interesting friendship. If it ever gets that far. Heh... ~Aeryn

Reviewer: Snegurochka Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 04/27/2005 05:19 am Title: A Regrettable Remark

Oh Holmes, you absolute drama queen! Again, I don't know canon from a hole in the ground, I'm afraid, but this is a very compelling portrait of our dear detective. Such a total arsehole, yet somehow it's understandable and even forgivable! How did you do that? :) Poor Watson, just trying to make sure everyone gets along.

Oh, haha, I thought this line was going to be: "He plays the violin, writes papers, and does South American drugs? My...he is rather busy." *dies* And please, the slashy insinuations are driving me mad! I can think of no worse fate than being married to Sherlock Holmes," he concluded with a chuckle. *dies* *keeps lips firmly zipped on this matter* No no, clearly it's Helen who should be attacking him and ripping his clothes off. Hmm, maybe in Chapter 3? *runs off to check* ;-) ~Lee

Author's Response: Yea, Lee is back! Thank you so much for the review! Never mind not knowing the canon, because you pretty much got it! Heh...and yes, Watson is rather long suffering. Poor fellow.
LOLOLOLOL! on the drugs line! Actually, Holmes is a cocaine addict...interesting you thought that, really. :D Sorry, no for Helen...well, you'll just have to wait and see...I am staying mute on the matter...yup, I plead the fifth. Cuz if I tell, my co-writer has threatened to throw me to the rabid plot bunnies under my bed. *Sigh* ~Aeryn

Reviewer: Snegurochka Signed star star star star star [Report This]
Date: 04/25/2005 03:48 am Title: Crossing Paths

Oh, I am delighted to see that the saga continues! Allow me to nod approvingly and state that this is an excellent start. I like the set-up for meeting Helen and the kids again (and those kids still crack me up!), and the Department of Backstory has done a very nice (and I dare say almost Rowling-esque) job of summing up the previous story and setting the stage for the new one. The details about the rituals of mourning are very nicely done, and really add a realistic touch to taking the reader right into this historical world.

Helen remains a great character, too – smart and articulate and very likable all around. Now what is with this flirting with Holmes?! I was determined to write an entire review without mentioning romantic entanglements of any sort, but I cannot – those two do have wonderful chemistry. If only Holmes would stop being a bastard about women… but I suspect that is from canon (which I still know nothing about, alas), and also true to the time. And anyway, he may pretend he doesn't really respect Helen's opinions, but I know that secretly he does. :)

Lovely small details, by the way, with the Bull and Finch (my neighbourhood pub where I grew up… *gazes out window wistfully at the fond memories*) and a gratuitous Canada reference! Your reviewer might, if pressed, admit to secretly being Canadian and going batshit whenever she sees such passing references. Yay! In sum, lovely work as always, ladies! ~Lee

Author's Response: Yea, Lee!!! Thank you so much for the review! Can't wait to hear what you think of the rest of it. Yes, those wacky I love them. *chuckles*
Thank you so much for the kind words on Helen. She's a peach to write, but does have her flaws (see chapter two). However, I'm so glad the chemistry is working! Well, in canon, Holmes is not very trusting of women (they never go into why), and doesn't think too highly of very many (see A Scandal in Bohemia for more details here). As for respecting our Miss Helen...maybe...just a little. :D
And the Bull and Finch...actually, I believe it's a pub in Boston, and the one Cheers was modeled after. I picked it out of my hat really, because my mind drew a blank and I needed a pub name.'re Canadian? Heh...I'm from Maine! Very cool! Oh and the other Canada reference, that's canon too. Sir Henry Baskerville spent most of his life there (See The Hound of the Baskervilles). Again thank you so much for the review, and more chapters will be appearing soon! Huggles! ~Aeryn

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