Uncommonly Good Contest Results
The staff of Sycophant Hex is pleased to announce the official winners of the Uncommonly Good Contest now that Whispers is publishing the story written by our grand prize winner.

The official winners are:

1. We Were Nobles: Dach’s Story by Carol Notwolf
2. Heartbreak and Redemption: An Angel’s Heart by Elvara Hrolfswiffe
3. Ambers in Water by morgaine

Here is an except from our grand prize winner, Carol Notwolf’s story, “We Were Nobles: Dach’s Story.”

Dach has loved Lorac all his life; she loves him, too. So why did she marry someone else? In retrospect, Dach understands perfectly why she chose Ferencer over him, the Whore King of Tellene: he was a selfish asshole. Being a man isn't the size of your pecs or your junk...Dach finally comprehends that fact when all signs say it's too late to matter—after he’s abducted and taken from his home world by a slaving ship during a revolution he helped start. Five hellish years of fighting traders and saving children has changed him, but will Lorac see it when he finally makes it home? If he makes it home...

You will be able to purchase Carol’s book after May 4th from:


As well as

Thank you,
--Celisnebula on 04/26/2012 11:45 pm (3 Comments)
I wanted to upload Angel's Heart but the original catagory was locked....  For any who want to read it, its on my own site
- jamies_lady on 04/28/2012 05:43 pm
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